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3 eyewear trends to expect in 2021

by Logan Caswell |

 Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a challenge for us all.  However, although COVID-19 is still creating havoc in the workplace, we’re all finding new ways to juggle our combined home-work lifestyles. The home office looks like it’s going to be a mainstay for many of us, so it’s safe to predict the Spring Season’s eyewear collections will focus on ageless classics.

In a time where there’s so much uncertainty in our daily lives, finding the specs that best fit your personality is crucial. Hopefully, that’s something that should never change!

Below are some trends we think will take over the eyewear world in the coming year: 

  • Blue light lenses. The more time we spend in front of our device screens while working from home, the more we need to protect our eyes. The effects of blue light can cause damage to our eyes. More people will be looking for a way to limit the effects of this as well as protecting their eyes in 2021.
  • Oversized frames. More and more large-sized frames continue to storm the market and shoppers love these larger faced options. We see no reason this trend will go away as we head into a new year.
  • Cat-eye glasses. Whether you’re feeling bold or in charge, these specs are always ready to spruce up your style with a commanding presence. With so much uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re sure women will want that extra boost next year when we look for a chance to get out and about more often.

Interested in shopping for your next piece of eyewear? Check out our new designs such as ‘Circus Frenzy,’ ‘Forever Your Baby’ and ‘Golden Unicorn.’ We’re sure you will find something to lead you in the right direction.

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