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6 Proven Effects Eye Makeup Has on the Eye

by Logan Caswell |

Wearing eye makeup is a natural part of our daily routine for many of us to create our personal look.

But have you ever asked yourself, “Is applying makeup harming my eyes?”

We’re going to inform you of the potential problems that could occur if you’re not careful, and also provide you with some ways to alleviate the risks associated with wearing eye makeup.

You may run into dilemmas such as allergic reactions, a scratched cornea, when applying mascara or eyeliner, or even conjunctivitis if you’re not careful.

Ways to avoid those annoying problems consist of:

  • If your product is expired, don’t use it, throw it out. Out-of-date products attract bacteria which could cause conjunctivitis.
  • In no circumstances share your eye makeup with anyone.
  • Use a sharpened eyeliner pencil for easier application.
  • Remove eye makeup before you go to bed.
  • Apply makeup in a settled place, somewhere like your home, not on the commuter train or while driving to work.
  • If your eye does get infected, ensure you replace your entire eye makeup collection to avoid bacterial reinfection.

We understand your love for eye makeup, just promise yourself you’ll put your health first while using your favourite cosmetic products.

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