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Five Creative & Inspirational People We Would Collaborate With

by Logan Caswell |

Role models are important influencers in our life and work. They are the ones who inspire us on our journey; the ones who we imitate in our own business outlook. Their superior work ethics reflect their passion, and their ultimate success is the result of hard work and determination in whatever industry they represent. We may admire more than one thing about them, whether it be their personality, their grit or even their work habits.

Here are our five favourite creative icons who inspire us, along with some titbits on how they became leaders in their field, and how their passion keeps them focused and relevant.

  • Victoria Beckham. Formally known as, ‘Posh,’ this popstar-turned-fashion designer continues to dazzle the fashion industry. Her hard work and determination resulted in her ascent to the top of her field in style and fashion. The mom-of-four continues to work in high-profile collaborations and received the U. K’s 2011 Designer Brand of the Year Victoria was also recognized by The Queen in the 2017 New Year’s Honours List for her service to fashion and charity work.
  • Scott Barry Kaufman. Kaufman is a human psychologist, writer and podcaster focused on human’s potential for creativity. The author has written several books throwing the spotlight on human science such as, Transcend and, Twice Exceptional. Kaufman’s early learning experiences made him realize many kids diagnosed with learning disabilities had latent potential and talents often overlooked by traditional teaching. He is a true believer in allowing our minds to become creative and self-fulfilling.
  • Christian Dior. With over 60 successful years, this iconic brand continues to lead in the fashion industry. Originally known for revolutionizing women’s fashion, the classic brand now has staked its place in menswear. Influencers such as Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lawrence are ambassadors for the fashion house’s successful campaigns.
  • Joe Rogan. The host of shows such as, The Fear Factor, Ultimate Fighting Championship and his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan also signed with Disney in his youth to appear on Hardball and was widely known for his comedy specials. He recently signed with Spotify for roughly $100 million, one of the largest podcast deals in history. 
  • Antoni Gaudi. Influenced by the passions in his life, this architect ensured everything he did was done with the highest degree of knowledge. Ironwork, carpentry and stained glass were his true loves. The artist is globally recognized as a beacon for future architects. His monumental unfinished cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona is arguably the most visited monument in Spain. nicknamed, ‘God’s Architect,’ Gaudi left the world in 1926, but almost a century later, is still regarded as one of the best at his craft.

Have you got some memories of any of our favourite creative icons? Do you have someone who had influenced you in your life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to respond back. We’d love to hear who or what inspires you!

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