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Five ways to clean scratches on your eyewear

by Logan Caswell |

Hey gorgeous,

Finding scratches on the surface of your newly acquired lenses can be frustrating.

You think to yourself, “Did I really just spend all this money on something only for them to be ruined in such a short time?”

Well, hope is not lost, we’re going to give you some more tips and tricks to make sure those annoying scratches don’t find a permanent home on your specs.

We hope these suggestions put a smile to your face – and help bring back the confidence you felt when you first purchased your eyewear.

· Hold your eyewear under a fountain of water. Make sure you use cold water. Avoid hot water at all costs – you’ll only cause more damage, and your focal points will never be the same.

· Apply a cream-free cleanser where needed. Cream-free is needed so you don’t do more harm to your specs.

· Use car wax. You don’t need too much – but make sure you apply it using a microfibre cloth.

· Toothpaste. One of the oldest tricks in the book! However, before trying this one, make sure it’s not gel-based or a whitening formula.

· Rubbing alcohol. You’ll also want to use a microfibre cloth for this. Slow and steady wins the race! 

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