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Tips on finding your perfect size eyewear frame

by Logan Caswell |

Finding the perfect size eyewear-frame is important but can also be frustrating.

You may find yourself saying, “Is there a quicker and easier way to do this myself?”

Well, there is, and we’re here to help.

Although there are several ways to find your perfect frame-size, here are the three we recommend most.

  1. Our new virtual try-on tool. This innovative feature is perfect for the online shopper who wants an idea of how the frames look on their face before they buy. As long as your device has a camera, you’re ready to go. While knowing your own PD-measurement (the measurement from pupil to pupil in millimeters) is advisable for a more accurate fit, this virtual mirror does a great job defining an accurate reading.
  2. Examine your old frames. You can determine the measurements by looking at a pair of glasses you’ve owned already. To begin, locate the three small numbers on the inside temple of your old frames, the so called, ‘arm,’ of the specs. The three numbers represent the width of the lens, bridge and the temple. In some cases, a fourth number can be seen which indicates your lens height.
  3. Measure your current frames. Again, measure in millimeters, and start at the front of the frame and measure the top from one end to another. You’ll be able to narrow your search size with your result.

If you are still in doubt, we offer free shipping and returns, so you can to try on a variety of designs to find the frame which fits you best.

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