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by Katherine Giovannone |  | 1 comment

Hi Lovelies, and welcome to our first Emmeline blog post.

We have so much to say and share with all of you, that we thought it was a good time to tell you about our thoughts, our process, or introduce you to some of our amazing customers.  But I guess it might be a good time to explain what we do first.

We are a husband and wife team creating fashionable optical frames with feminine features in mind. We offer fun, colourful petite and full-sized frames which highlight your best features, whether it’s a slight lift in the cheek, or a colour palette that brightens up your face, you are sure to find something to fit your style. We want our designs to reflect the needs of what women want. Our goal is to create eyewear for every woman to feel beautiful, while also giving them the support they need. Based in Toronto, we have recently expanded our operation to offer frames both online and in-store.

Our inspiration behind the Emmeline collection comes from our daughter, Emme, whom we refer to as Little Miss Sunshine (a.k.a. LMS) Each frame is named after one of her characteristics such as, Glitter Bomb, Wild Child or Queen of the Night.

As we navigate through this very strange time (Covid if you’re reading this in 2022), we want to create a platform where we can see what’s going on around the world in these unprecedented times. Keep an eye out for future posts regarding hot topics, new styles, store openings, client features and exclusive content.

We’ve also come up with a new hashtag.  Since I’ve been in the office more, speaking and listening to all of our customers, I realized that all women want to feel the same thing – EMPOWERED.  So our new hashtag is #empoweredbyEmmeline. 

Want to get involved? Hit up our social feed – tag us wearing your frame and we’ll make sure we repost it.  Hey, we may even interview you for a future post.  Like us on our Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to our blog for future promos and must see plans.


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  • Tamara S. on January 20, 2021

    So inspiring – love this!!

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