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Emmeline designs bold, luxurious, elegantly crafted eyewear that helps the modern, contemporary individual express their empowered style and sensibility. Designed with the highest standard of care, finesse and craftsmanship, we believe that our elegant designs, sophisticated elements, luxurious textures, bold colours, excellent craftsmanship give you the confidence you need to look good and feel great.

The brand name itself is an expression of a mother’s love and fascination with her daughter. The name ‘Emmeline’ was inspired by the personality, style and character of Emily, the daughter of the brand’s principal designer. The names of the frames are whimsical yet empowering, each named after Emily’s bold qualities such as Bossy Pants, The Adventurer and Old Soul.


Celebrate your empowered style and sensibility with truly standout eye wear, glasses and frames that champion your modern, contemporary and multifaceted lifestyle while telling your unique story and giving you the confidence to shine at your best.


Each Emmeline frame is the product of a detailed design process - up to 50 steps - that ensures careful production, and incorporates contemporary and elegant designs with bold, feminine colour selections and textures. Each frame is meticulously crafted from the finest quality cellulose acetate and steel and undergoes through many stringent tests before being painted, polished and assembled by hand for a high gloss lustre that lets you shine.