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In today’s fashion economy, with vastly increased clothing and accessories production, there are massive levels of waste and more greenhouse gas emissions than international flights combined.  The industry has more than doubled production over the last decade with most of it landing in a landfill.  The environmental cost of harmful chemicals and global transport of goods has made us rethink about how we do business. At Emmeline®, we carefully choose our factories who are equally committed to sustainability and craftsmanship.  When it comes to waste and environmental responsibilities, our factories make every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle materials.  As for us, we are micro-producers – we manufacture limited quantities to avoid waste and to help reduce our carbon footprint.  As we continue to grow, we will always have sustainability as a core value of our brand.


Everything that we do, from design to production and from sales to support, our dedication to our clients, team members and affiliates are always focused on our love for humanity.  We make sure that human and labour standards are met with every aspect of our brand.  We make sure that our team loves what they do. We ensure complete satisfaction of our products to our clients.  And if you are not satisfied – we listen, rethink, and redesign.  We live by the following rules:

Master the Fundamentals
Dare to be Different
Be Humble
Have Fun
Pay it Forward* 

*(Ronald McDonald House of Toronto is our charity of choice)